Study of harbour improvement, at Agios Andreas - Logga

Country / Area : Greece / Agios Andreas – Peloponnese

Institution : Municipality of Aipeia

Duration of Service : 12/1998 – 01/1999

More Information

Project description: The study involved the redesign of the small port at Agios Andreas, in order to achieve the following: a) Prevent accumulation of seaweed gathered every year at the coast and floated in the basin and berths and their restriction to the messinian Gulf, b) the improvement of port works, in order to be a safe anchorage for 100 small crafts, c) The reversal of coastal erosion mechanism at the sand beach on either side of the small port.

Completed works:
  • Final study of harbour works
  • Environmental impact assessment

Works description:
  • Restricting the windward quay wall to 79.0m from 187.0m, with composite cross section
  • 170.0m leeward quay wall with composite cross section. A seawall with mass concrete units and rubble mound with rock units
  • 125.0m berths, seawall with mass concrete units
  • Slipway with mass concrete units
  • Reconstruction the deck of the land area of the berths
  • 30.0m pier with mass concrete units
  • 11000 m2 basin with 2.50m depth
  • Widening of the windward quay wall for seawater renewal
  • Works for directing a small mountain stream
  • 30.0m rubble mound jetty with rock armour units for coastal protection at the base of windward mole
  • Reconstruction / replacement the rock units of the existing moles
  • Dredging of basin
  • Construction of necessary equipment for safe berthing
  • Water and electricity supply networks

Construction Cost: 14, 700,000.00€