Coastal Engineering

Market Sectors


  • Shoreline Processes
    • Deepwater and Shallow Water Wave Transformation
    • Longshore and Cross-Shore Sediment Transport Analysis
    • Shoreline Erosion and Accretion Studies
    • Sediment Budgets
    • Shoreline Change Analysis
    • Beach Replenishment Planning
    • Beach and Sand Management Plans
    • Tides, Currents and Wind Assessment
    • Tidal Inlet Analysis
    • Estuarine, Riverine and Coastal Analysis
    • Dredging and Disposal Studies
    • Coastal Engineering Impact Analysis
  • Numerical Modeling
    • Wave Refraction and Diffraction
    • Spectral Nearshore Wave Transformation
    • Monte Carlo Simulation of Wave Incidence
    • Wave Predictions and Wave Hindcasting
    • Storm Surge and Surge Resonance
    • Wave Forces on Structures
    • Longshore and Cross-Shore Sediment Transport
    • Tidal Hydrodynamic Modeling
    • Water Quality and Circulation Analysis
    • Numerical Modeling in the Water Environment