Fishing shelter at Kalo Chorio

Country / Area : Greece / Kalo Chorio – Lasithi, Crete

Institution : Perfecture of Lasithi

Duration of Service : 2008 –

More Information

Project description: Design of the internal and external harbour works from preliminary until final study, in order to develop fishing shelter at “Karavostasi”, Kalo Chorio in the municipality of Agios Nikolaos Lasithi Crete Island. The piscatorial shelter at Kalo chorio, after the construction, works as a functional and fully equipped fishing shelter of capacity 68 fishing vessels not exceeding 18m.

Completed works:
  • Preliminary study of harbour works
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Wave agitation 2D mathematical modelling study
  • Coastal study according to waves, currents and their interaction
  • Final study (in preparation)
  • Tender documents (in preparation)

Works description:
  • 204.30m windward quay wall with mass concrete sea wall and rock armour units
  • 124.80m berths at the windward quay wall
  • 68.50m leeward quay wall
  • 110.50m quay wall with mass concrete sea wall
  • Slipway construction with mass concrete armour units
  • 10.000sq.m basin at 3.50m depth and 12.000sq.m entrance at 4.0m depth
  • 3250 m2 land area with deck with physical stones
  • Dredging at 3.50m and 4.0m depth
  • Opening on the windward and leeward quay walls for sea water renewal in the basin
  • sewerage and storm water drainage (surface collection channels rainwater and storm water drainage pipes, drainage ditches)
  • Land facilities (waste water collection tanks and oil residues) and electrical facilities platforms (electricity supply, water supply, fire fighting, etc.)
  • Auxiliary building 150.0sq.m
  • Pedestrian and cycle lane

Construction Cost: 4,500,000.00€