Water supply networks of Municipality and Municipal department of Karpathos

Country / Area : Greece / Karpathos Island

Institution : Municipality of Karpathos

Duration of Service : 09-2008 to 10-2008

More Information

Project description: The study involved the use of the artesian spring "Flea" at Arkasas, in order to supply water to the settlements of the Municipality of Karpathos and especially for the region around the settlements of "Pigadia" and "Afiarti"

Completed works:
  • Preliminary study of hydraulic works

In co-operation with other offices conducted the following studies :

  • Electromechanical works
  • Topographical mapping
  • Geotechnical studies - surveys
  • Environmental impact assessment

Works description:
  • 7,245m of central pipes (depressed and gravity), for transferring water from the artesian spring "Flea" to the settlement of "Pigadia"
  • 10.220 m of gravity and depressed pipes for transferring water to the settlement of " Afiarti "
  • Two pump stations (a/s), for lifting the water from the artesian spring
  • Water tank for the arrangement of flow (pressure breaking shafts)
  • Storage tank to the settlement of " Afiarti "

Construction Cost: 2.245.000,00€