Improving port facilities at harbour of Mesta

Country / Area : Greece / Mesta – Chios island

Institution : Perfecture of Chios

Duration of Service : 2003 until 2006

More Information

Project description: The aim of the study was to improve the port at Mesta – Chios island, in order to complement the main port of Chios for passenger and cargo transport with the Island of Chios.

Completed works: Our office conducted the following studies:
  • Submersible survey
  • Wave agitation 2D mathematical modelling
  • Harbour works from preliminary study until detailed alignment design according to submersible survey, the geotechnical study and cost benefit analysis
  • Study for safety and health during construction according to Hellenic legislation
  • Tender documents

In co-operation with other offices conducted the following studies :

  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Electrological study from preliminary study until detailed final design
  • Geotechnical study and survey
  • Topographic and bathymetric study
  • Technoeconomic analysis
  • Transportation Studies

Works description:
  • 114.0m pile wall construction in order to repair the existing quay
  • 33.0m extension of existing quay
  • 355.0m new quay wall with wave absorption armour units (“IGLOO” type) at 9.0m depth
  • 10000m2 land area reconstruction and 16000m2 construction of a new land area, with internal roads for vehicles, passengers stations, parking area etc
  • Improving 420m of connecting road
  • sewerage and storm water drainage (surface collection channels rainwater and storm water drainage pipes, drainage ditches and Box Culverts of dimensions 2,0m x 1, 0m and a length of 40m)
  • Land facilities (weighbridge and waste water collection tanks and oil residues) and electrical facilities platforms (electricity supply, water supply, fire fighting, etc.)
  • Ancillary buildings (hangars passenger ticket and outhouse with plumbing and electro logical equipment).
  • Reconstruction and relocation of the oil tanks of the Greek Navy<

Construction Cost: