Study repair of central quay at harbour of Pylos

Country / Area : Greece / Pylos - Messinia

Institution : Perfecture of Messinia

Duration of Service : 2004 - 2009

More Information

Project description:

The central quay at port of Pylos suffered important damages with the earthquake of 18 November 1997.

The damage was due to the separation of mass concrete units due to the earthquake. Furthermore there was twisting and tilting of the quay wall. The project was to propose a repair solution for the damages.

Completed works:
  • Submersible survey
  • Detailed alignment design according to submersible survey and the geotechnical study, technoeconomic analysis
  • Study for safety and health during construction according to Hellenic legislation
  • Environmental impact assessment.

Works description: The study proposed two alternatives, the approved solution proposed:
  • demolition of the existing reliever prism and replacement with pumice,
  • construction of diaphragm wall on the inner side of the quay wall,
  • reconstruction of the superstructure and the floor of the pier,
  • protect the foot of the pier against wave action with prism of rocks
  • placement of birth equipment e.g. bindings, links, buffers and scales

Construction Cost: 9.600.000,00€