Study for Retaining wall protection works along coastal street Koundouros within land zone coast of Harbour at Agios Nikolaos and regeneration of the beach in front of hotel «HERMES S.A.»

Country / Area : Greece / Agios Nikolaos Crete

Institution : HERMES S.A.

Duration of Service : 2003 – 2004

More Information

Project description: The study involved the design of coastal projects so as to protect part of the retaining wall of the coastal road in front of hotel HERMES and KORALI, in Agios Nikolaos, from the incoming waves.

Completed works:
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Coastal study
  • Final study
  • Tender Documents

Works description:
  • 60.0m rubble mound submerged berm with rocks
  • 60.0m beach fill with 10.0m width
  • 35.0m rubble mound groin with rocks

Construction Cost: 250,000.00€