Study of coastal protection works and works Reformation of coasts of Municipality Abias and Mikra Mantineia and additional studies

Country / Area : Greece / Coastline of Municipality of Avia

Institution : Municipality of Avia

Duration of Service : 2000 – 2009

More Information

Project description: The study concerns the investigation and design of coastal projects in order to reverse the corrosion phenomena of the coastal zone along the coast of the municipality of Avia and the Mikra Mantinea of Kalamata. The total length of coastline studied was 6,70 Km.

Completed works:
  • Preliminary study
  • Coastal study
  • Sedimentological study
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Final studies
  • Study of safety and healthy during construction according to Hellenic legislation

Works description: Solutions were proposed projects that were roubble mound groins perpendicular to the coast and roubble mound detached breakwaters and beach filling works with sediment at :

  • Mikri Mantineia
  • Arxontiko Avias
  • Paralia Avias
  • Palaioxora
  • Akrogialiι
  • Paralia Kitries

Construction Cost: