Study of coastal protection works against erosion by waves attack at Methoni

Country / Area : Greece / Methoni of Municipality of Methoni

Institution : Developmental οf Messinia S.A.

Duration of Service : 2010 – 2011

More Information

Project description: The study concerns in the investigation and in the planning of coastal work for the protection of beach of Municipality Methoni from the erosion that is caused by the intense wave attack. We studied the existing situation and we investigated alternative provisions of work on the dissuasion of erosion. Particular concern was given to the environmental planning of work taking into consideration the sensitive regional environment (NATURA). The total length of coast that was studied was 2,6Km.

Completed works:
  • Preliminary study
  • Coastal study
  • Sedimentological study
  • Environmental impact assessment

Works description:
  • 6 detached breakwaters with rock armour units, 110,0m, 110,0m, 100,0m, 100,0m, 120,0m and 125,0m respectively
  • 4 rubble mound submerged breakwaters with rock armour units, 120,0m, 110,0m, 100,0m and 110,0m respectively
  • Relief of rocks and reefs at 100.0m length

Construction Cost: