Study of harbour works’ improvement, at Foinikounta - Messinia

Country / Area : Greece / Foinikounta – Peloponnese

Institution : Local urban community of Foinikounta

Duration of Service : 11/1995 – 06/1996

More Information

Project description: The study involved the redesign of the small port at Foinikounta, in order to achieve the following: a) The reversal of coastal erosion mechanism at the sand beach on the west side of the small port, b) the improvement of port works, in order to be a safe anchorage.

Completed works:
  • Final study of harbour works
  • Environmental impact assessment

Works description:
  • 90.0m berths, seawall with mass concrete units
  • 45.0m windward quay wall with composite cross section. A seawall with mass concrete units and rubble mound with rock units
  • 25.0m rubble mound with rock armour at the existing pier
  • Dredging the basin to 3.50m depth
  • 65.0m access road

Construction Cost: 880,000.00€