Small harbour works at Agia Anna

Country / Area : Greece / Paralia of Agia Anna – Evia island

Institution : Perfecture of Evia

Duration of Service : 2000 – 2010

More Information

Project description:

In this study we investigated the possibility of construction a small harbor that will service 50 vessels and small crafts in the sea area of Agia Anna in Evia.

Completed works:
  • Preliminary study of harbour works
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Coastal study with mathematical modelling
  • Final study of harbour works
  • Study for safety and health during construction according to Hellenic legislation

Works description:
  • 135.0m, Windward quay wall with composite cross section. Berth with mass concrete seawall and rubble mound with concrete armour units (Accropode)
  • 100.0m, Berth with mass concrete seawall
  • Slipway with concrete units
  • 112.0m pier with mass concrete seawall
  • 5500m2 basin at 7.0m depth
  • 118.0m new road access
  • Land facilities (waste water collection tanks and oil residues) and electrical facilities platforms (electricity supply, water supply, fire fighting, etc.)

Construction Cost: 7,950,000.00€