Infrastructure and protection harbour works at Paralio Astros

Country / Area : Greece / Paralio Astros - Peloponnese

Institution : Municipality of North Kinouria

Duration of Service : 2003 - 2010

More Information

Project description: The study involved the design of the necessary harbour works, for creating a modern functional small harbor able to serve 335 vessels of various sizes.

Completed works: Our office conducted the following studies:

  • Preliminary study of harbour works
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Final study of harbour works
  • Study for safety and health during construction according to Hellenic legislation
  • Tender documents

In co-operation with other offices conducted the following studies :

  • Electrological study from preliminary study to a detailed alignment design
  • Geotechnical study and survey
  • Topographic and bathymetric study

Works description:
  • Windward quay wall with composite cross section
  1. Round head construction with rock armour units and rock filling at the rest
  2. 90.0m pile wall at the berth side
  3. Deck reconstruction, water and electricity supply networks
  • Leeward quay wall with composite cross section
  1. 35.5m extension
  2. Deck reconstruction, water and electricity supply networks
  • 55.0m entrance of the harbour instead of currently 90.0m
  • 85.10m new berth with mass concrete seawall
  • Slipway with concrete units
  • Basin dredging from 2.0m until 4.50m depth
  • 4 floating pontoons with 35.0m, 42.0m, 60.0m and 60.0m respectively
  • Land facilities (waste water collection tanks and oil residues) and electrical facilities platforms (electricity supply, water supply, fire fighting, etc.)
  • footpaths and planting sites

Construction Cost: 5,300,000.00€