Improvement of Fishing Shelter at Kiato

Country / Area : Greece / Kiato - Pelloponnese

Institution : Municipality of Sikionion

Duration of Service : 2000 – 2001

More Information

Project description: Project included design from the preliminary study to the final study, including environmental impact assessments. The fishing shelter at Kiato, after the construction works as a functional and fully equipped fishing shelter to serve 263 fishing vessels not exceeding 18m.

Completed works:
  • Preliminary study
  • Final study
  • Tender documents

Works description:
  • 140.0m extension of the windward mole with mass concrete seawall and rock armour units
  • Opening on windward quay wall for sea water renewal in the basin
  • 330.0m berths with mass concrete armour units
  • 40.0m pier with mass concrete armour units
  • 30000 m2 basin
  • Dredging at 3.50m depth
  • Rock armour units at leeward mole
  • Extension of water network
  • Extension of electricity network
  • Berths equipment (bides etc) for safe berthing

Construction Cost: 3,450,000.00€