Preliminary study of tourist craft shelter at Kiparissi

Country / Area : Greece / Zarakas - Peloponnese

Institution : Municipality of Zarakas

Duration of Service : 2011

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Project description:

In the context of coastal engineering study, was a) numerical simulation of waves’ transformation from deep water to the study area and b) numerical modelling of sediment transport under wave’s  action.

  • Numerical modeling: simulation of wave’s transformation with CGWAVE software package which solves the equation for mild slope equation mild, and is based on the method of Xu, Demirbilek and Panchang (1996), taking into account the refraction, diffraction and reflection of sea waves. Calculated a) the wave propagation in the coastal zone and b) wave’s agitation in the small harbour basin. Studied alternative harbor works so that on the one hand not caused adverse impacts on adjacent coasts and the wave height in the new quay walls shall not exceed 0, 30 m.
  • Sediment transport : with method CERC, calculated the tendency of sediment’s motion taking into account the wave characteristics, as extracted from the available components according. The crosshore sediment transport in the breaking zone calculated with SBEACH model, which calculates the rate of change of the coast and the bottom’s profile, taking into account the bottom’s slope, quality of the bottom (mean diameter of sediment) and the characteristics of waves (height, angle, period). The waves’ time series established by statistical data 22 years according.