Fishing Shelter at Braxati

Country / Area : Greece / Braxati - Pelloponnese

Institution : Harbor fund of Corinthe

Duration of Service : 2001 – 2006

More Information

Project description: Our office was responsible for updating existing design port works, the coordination of the drafting architectural study and environmental studies and finally preparing tender documents for construction projects.

Completed works:
  • Final study
  • Environmental impact assessment Final study
  • Tender documents

Works description:
  • 120.0m extension of the windward mole with mass concrete seawall and rock armour units
  • 4.50m width extension of leeward quay wall with mass concrete units
  • Dredging at 3.50m depth
  • Slipway construction with mass concrete armour units
  • Berth equipment (bides etc) for safe berthing

Construction Cost: 2,520,000.00€