Environmental impact assessment and design works in order to improve and Extend the Fishing Shelter at Tyros

Country / Area : Greece / Tyros – Arcadia, Peloponnise

Institution : Municipality of Apollonas

Duration of Service : 2003

More Information

Project description: The project undertook environmental studies, and explored the impact on the marine and terrestrial environment before and after the proposed construction of works in order to improve the small port at Tyros. The study investigated the effects on the natural environment of the region and, on the other hand, the consistence of the proposed work with the spatial and social requirements of the region of the project, the safety and the protection of public health and the environment.

Completed works: • Environmental impact assessment (approved by Α.Π. 1661/02-06-2005)

Works description:
  • 88.50m windward quay wall with cell concrete sea wall
  • 204.65m berths with cell concrete sea wall
  • Slipway construction with mass concrete armour units
  • 68.50m leeward quay wall
  • Dredging at 3.50m depth
  • 14000m2 basin
  • land area with deck with physical stones
  • sewerage and storm water drainage (surface collection channels rainwater and storm water drainage pipes, drainage ditches)
  • Land facilities (waste water collection tanks and oil residues) and electrical facilities platforms (electricity supply, water supply, fire fighting, etc.)
Construction Cost: 4.300.000,00€