Environmental impact assessment for harbour works’ improvement, at Methoni

Country / Area : Greece / Methoni – Peloponnese

Institution : Municipality of Methoni

Duration of Service : 2004

More Information

Project description: The environmental studies explored the impact on the marine and terrestrial environment before and after the construction of works for the extension of the existing pier and construction of a new one to the port of Methoni. The study took into account the sensitive natural environment of the area (NATURA) and conformance to it. It was investigated whether the proposed work is consistent with the local and social requirements of the region, the safety and the protection of public health and the environment.

Completed works:
  • Environmental impact assessment

Works description:
  • 100.0m extension of pier with mass concrete units sea wall with openings as a “bridge”
  • Cover with stones the deck and the seawall parts of piers
  • Widening the construction at the existing part of the pier in order to renew the sea water and to protect against coastal phenomena (erosion or siltation)
  • 50.0m new pier with mass concrete units sea wall with openings as a “bridge”
Construction Cost: 780.000,00€