Environmental impact assessment of repairing works of central quay wall at harbour of Pylos

Country / Area : Greece / Pylos - Messinia

Institution : Perfecture of Messinia

Duration of Service : 2010

More Information

Project description: The study involves the investigation of differentiation of environmental impacts from the repair works, task execution in relation to pre-existing environmental situation since the harbour work was present. Studied the effects on the marine and terrestrial environment and proposed additional environmental terms especially during the construction phase of works.

Completed works:
  • Environmental impact assessment (Submitted).

Works description:
  • demolition of the existing reliever prism and replacement with pumice,
  • construction of diaphragm wall on the inner side of the quay wall,
  • reconstruction of the superstructure and the floor of the pier,
  • protect the foot of the pier against wave action with prism of rocks

  • placement equipment e.g. bindings, links, buffers and scales
Construction Cost: 4.160.000,00€