Land reclamation project of Municipality of Androusa

Country / Area : Greece / County of Messhnia

Institution : past Municipality of Androusa

Duration of Service : 06-2001 to 11-2001

More Information

Project description: The study involved the design of dam and irrigation network in the Municipality of Androusa in Messinia. The irrigation network was simulated by mathematical model, which examined alternative scenarios and that way its design was optimized.

Completed works:
  • Preliminary hydrological study of hydraulic works
  • Preliminary hydraulic design of hydraulic works

In co-operation with other offices conducted the following studies :

  • Topographical mapping
  • Study of electromechanical installations
  • Environmental impact study

Works description:
  • 330m length and 40m in height overall dam, on the stream "Kakorema»
  • 40.5km total length of irrigation network for the irrigation of almost 10000 acres

Construction Cost: 18.250.000,00€