Water supply pipe from the artesian spring Tsouknida to Logga - Cultivation of the artesian spring and water supply pipe from the tank on Logga to the tank on Chranes

Country / Area : Greece / Department of Messinia

Institution : past Municipality of Epia

Duration of Service : 11-2000 to 02-2001

More Information

Project description: Object of the study was the construction of works of water abstraction in order to take full advantage of the water supply from the artesian springs and minimize the intervention on physical conditions of basement water outflow and the construction of the pipeline all the way to the tank in the village of Chranes.

Completed works:
  • Final study of hydraulic works

Works description:
  • 6493m of gravity pipeline with gradients of 2m/Km to 4m/Km length along the pipeline
  • Manufacture of shafts per 50.0m approximately along the path of the pipeline for controlling of the flow

Construction Cost: 1.131.000,00€