Replacement of Water supply networks of Paleopolis

Country / Area : Greece / Andros Island

Institution : Municipality of Ydrousa

Duration of Service : 01-2004 to 03-2004

More Information

Project description: Object of study was the total replacement and the extension of existing rudimentary internal water network of the settlement of Palaiopolis. The new network was designed so that it serves the increased needs of population up to the year 2044 (period of planning of work) and by any future extensions to the settlements of Aprobato, Eleousa and Kolympo.

Completed works:
  • Final study of hydraulic works

Works description:
  • Replacement of length of roughly 5.5km of old pipings and manufacture of new internal network of water supply
  • Separation of the network in 4 different zones, through pressure reducer in appropriate insertion points, for downgrading the hydraulic load between the zones (The above was necessary because of the large height differences between the highest parts and the lowest parts of the network)

Construction Cost: 420.000,00€