Feasibility study of Transport and Master Plan of passenger and commercial new port of Zante at Lazaretta

Country / Area : Greece / Zante island

Institution : Municipal Harbor fund of Zante

Duration of Service : 2003 until 2006

More Information

Project description: The purpose of the study was the syntax of the master plan for transportation of passenger and commercial port of Zante at “Lazaretta”. The study involved a detailed research and analysis of a series of information and data to investigate the feasibility of constructing a new port, after analysis and comparative evaluation of alternatives, both in the construction and the operation of the port of Zante, in order to provide port services for passenger ships, cruise ships and cargo ships.

Completed works:
  • Preliminary study for harbour works considering the wave conditions, environmental impacts and social criteria, geotechnical conditions and cost benefit analysis

Works description:
  • 1120m and 450.0m windward's moles with rock armour stones
  • 980.0m new quay wall with mass concrete units at 6.50m depth
  • Dredging of the basin
  • 80000m2 land area construction of a new land area, with internal roads for vehicles, passengers stations, parking area etc
  • 420.0m of improvement the connection road with 7.0m width
  • Land facilities, such as lighting, fire protection, water supply, telecommunications network, control building and host of other wastewater ships and sewage management
  • Pedestrian and cycle lane width 10m

Construction Cost: 20,850,000.00€